The You & Your Baby programs are timely and accurate– all footage is current. We understand that even when programs are accurate, they lose credibility when the footage is outdated.


We will work with you to ensure your hospital policies are reflected in each section.


You & Your Baby programs include:


    - Newborn Care

    - Postpartum Care

    - Developmental Milestones

    - Interactive Play

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Baby Characteristics

   Newborn Appearance

   Sleep Patterns

   Eating Patterns

   Wet Diapers & Stools



Feeding Baby


   Expressing Milk

   Storing & Thawing Breast Milk

   Your Diet During Breastfeeding

   Bottle Feeding


Newborn Care

   Bonding With Baby

   Holding Baby


   Cord Care

   Taking Temperature

   Changing Clothes

   Nail Care

   Sponge Bath

   Tub Bath

   Tummy Time


   Shaken Baby Syndrome

   Car Seat Safety

   Sleep Safety

   Crib Safety

   Home Safety


This program provides mothers with the information they need to care for themselves postpartum.


The Postpartum Care program includes:

Involution of the Uterus



Bladder/Bowel Function

Hemorrhoid Care Episiotomy Care

Episiotomy Care

Caesarean Incision Care


Breast Care

Limitations After Delivery

Causes for Concern

Baby Blues & Postpartum Depression

The Developmental Milestones program allows parents to track baby’s development from birth through age two. This section includes guidance and commentary from a Specialist in Neurodevelopmental Pediatrics.


Birth to 3 months                                      3-6 months                                         6-12 months                                        1-2 years

You & Your Baby DVD

The comprehensive Newborn Care program is designed to complement and reinforce the guidance you provide in caring for baby. The birth of a child is exciting, emotional, as well as exhausting for new mothers and their ability to retain information during their hospital stay is minimized. This program is designed to be used in the hospital and at home to ensure your mothers have consistency and the security of being able to see visual demonstrations – even at 3 in the morning! We will work with you to ensure your hospital policies are reflected in each section.


The Newborn Care program contains the following sections:

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The Interactive Play Program teaches parents fun ways to interact with their baby, while aiding their development. It is widely known that babies learn through play and interaction. Parents’ regular interaction with their baby – playing, singing, touching, talking and smiling – facilitates babies’ physical, emotional and intellectual development.


This program consists of 21 songs and rhymes and provides instruction on positioning for babies and toddlers.

Newborn Care
Postpartum Care
Interactive Play
Video Samples
Sleep Patterns
Newborn Appearance
Sleep Safety
Developmental Milestones