"The You & Your Baby DVD is great. It is great to have the information on-demand in the hospital and at home. It puts you in charge of baby care."



New Mom

Lake Forest, Illinois

"The DVD was helpful for me as well as my wife. I learned some baby care basics and my wife was grateful for my help."




New Dad

New York, NY

"I have had an outstanding experience working with Together with Baby. One of the main reasons I chose Together With Baby was because of the developmental section - this really set the DVD apart from the others. Now that I have worked closely with the Together With Baby team, there are other reasons I would recommend the company. They are really engaged with their clients and take time to understand their individual needs and goals. Together With Baby worked with us until we had the footage just the way we wanted it. The production team is really creative and innovative. I look forward to working with Together with Baby on other projects."



-Kim Wilschek, RN, CCE

Prentice Women’s Hospital

Northwestern Memorial Hospital

"The DVD was such a big help. I was so overwhelmed after the birth of our child that I didn’t remember anything that I learned in the hospital! When I got home I was having trouble with breastfeeding. Being able to see demonstrations of latch and positioning was very helpful."




New Mom

Evanston, Illinois

"The parent instructional DVD, You and Your Baby is provided to every new parent who delivers at our hospital. Use of the DVD is initiated soon after delivery as a visual tool to complement the RN's verbal instruction regarding care of the newborn as well as the post-partal mother. Menu selection screens allow ease of locating the appropriate topic to be viewed. The patients are able to visually learn skills, such as the baby's bath and cord care, with the DVD, allowing the RN to more efficiently provide prompt patient care in other areas. After viewing the designated topics on the DVD, the patient is better equipped to ask her nurse questions that would otherwise come up after discharge.


The DVD allows the staff on the unit, including RNs, Patient Care Technicians, and Lactation Consultants, to present consistent, correct information to our patients. The DVD is modified annually with updated information.


Finally, the DVD is sent home with the new parents as a convenient reference as well as continued source of information. An added bonus is the developmental milestones and interactive play section for parents and their child that can be enjoyed for years to come."



-Teresa Meece, RN, BS

Clinical Director, The Birth Place

Saint Anthony Medical System


"I received the DVD two years ago and my kids still love the Interactive Play program. The Milestones section is  very helpful as well."



New Mom

Detroit, Michigan

"The Together with Baby customized DVD has been a wonderful addition to our parent education materials. The staff and parents have both stated how much they appreciate the easy to understand content presented. The materials include best practice and developmentally appropriate education for mom and baby. Working with the Together with Baby team was fun and very supportive, and resulted in an outstanding educational DVD to share with our families."


-Cindy Beckett, PhD, RNC-OB, LCCE

Director Pediatrics/Perinatal Services & Evidence-Based Practice

Flagstaff Medical Center