Together With Baby, LLC helps hospitals send their healthcare team home with every new parent. Our easy-to-use educational solutions are designed to provide new parents with the information they need to care for their new baby.


Becoming a parent is one of life’s most rewarding experiences and at the same time, it can also be one of the most challenging. The Together With Baby team partners with your hospital staff to help ease the transition for your new parents by providing a semi-customized educational DVD for them to take home that:

  • Reflects your hospital policies
  • Provides a personalized introduction
  • Includes representatives from your facility and staff
  • Showcases your facility

  • Compliance

    Comments from a Perinatal Education Coordinator:


    "One of the greatest challenges for a mother-baby nurse is to prepare her patients for discharge. Regulatory agencies and new legislation lengthen this process yearly with the addition of mandatory education for inpatients. The window of time for the mother-baby nurse to assess needs and implement the plan of care including required instruction seems to shrink as the new parent learning continues to grow. Nurses now must compete not only with exhausted patients still “taking-in” the events of the birth but with cell phones, television, visitors, iPods and the list goes on! Childbirth class attendance is decreasing due to changes in priorities and busy stressful lives of expectant parents. Generation Y’s are seeking information in a different format than Generation X and baby boomers. They are more comfortable with electronic learning than of the group 'discharge class' format of the 1970s, which was time efficient for the nurse."


    Mother– baby nurses must have the resources to meet the needs of today’s patients which also include Limited English Proficiency (LEP) as well as questionable literacy, and staying current on all the changes in care and recent research. Literacy assessments are time consuming and cumbersome to administer. Legislation in several states mandate education for new parents in Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) and Postpartum Depression (PPD). Legislation in most states did not provide the tools for these most important topics to be provided.


    Providing the You & Your Baby DVD (English or Spanish) allows the mother-baby nurse to document that the patient has viewed and/or received the basic newborn care and self care instructions for the post-partum patient. She may then focus on specific instructions for the mother-baby couplet; i.e. jaundice instructions, specific medications prescribed, etc. This can save the mother-baby nurse 2-3 hours per day of repetitious instruction.


    The You & Your Baby DVD is updated yearly and includes the most current information for the patient. Professionals research what is required in your state to include the basic baby care and self care instruction in a standardized format. This provides that all patients will receive the same information. Allowing patients to learn at their own pace at a time when they are ready to learn improves their comprehension. LEP patients are able to see demonstrated care; this allows for improved learning versus the unknown comprehension of printed instructions and inconsistent translation. Together With Baby provides your teaching plan for all patients for the basic discharge instruction and improves job satisfaction and time management for the mother-baby nurse.


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    The You & Your Baby DVD helps nurses save time without sacrificing quality, education, or personal touch. The visual education is detailed and current. Watching parents demonstrate topics in the video  enhances the new parent education process. Utilizing Together With Baby programs contributes to creating an overall positive experience for patients during their maternity stay. When new parents are discharged, they have a comprehensive reference to use at home and to remind them of their stay at your hospital.


    The "Sections to Watch at Hospital" main menu option on the You & Your Baby DVD is customized for each hospital and includes topics that are a priority for your hospital. In addition, the content in the DVD can be referenced by parents through the toddler years, resulting in an educational and marketing tool with a shelf life of several years.


    A recent survey of new parents who use You & Your Baby DVDs indicated the following results:


    96% agree DVD is easy-to-use

    87% state it is important to have a reference tool for follow up care (DVD)

    71% likely to continue use of DVD at home

    67% likely to share DVD with friends and family

    100% stated material met or exceeded expectations

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